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Firstly, Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I’ve moved house and am having a nightmare getting the broadband installed.

Exhumed for the Playstation 1

Friday morning…I was scouting through Ebay, looking for a bit of retro action, a quest I undertake a few times though out the year. After sifting through an endless collection of Spyro, FIFA and Crash Bandicoot titles I stumbled across a little gem. It was my very first FPS experience which had been buried deep in my memory… Ebay did not know what it had Exhumed!

Set in the ancient Egyptian stronghold of Karnak in the late 20th century. The city has been seized by unknown forces, with a special team of kick ass soldiers sent in to investigate. After your helicopter is inconsiderately shot down and your platoon disbanded, you remain a lone wolf in desolate hunting ground…your adventure begins now.

Exhumed has some great game-play for it’s time with many features which also made it unique and fun. You have to collect special items which in-turn the Egyptian Gods reward you for with powers. Such as anklets which allow you to walk over lava. This adds a whole new level of fun to the game. Rather than just running and gunning everything, Exhumed allows you to explore by letting you revisit previous areas after gaining new abilities to find new paths, items and secrets.

I will admit that going back and playing an early PS1 game is usually a testing experience (…graphics that looking like a PC spewed pixels all over the television…you know what I mean)…Exhumed, however is different I mean. The game play keeps you hooked…there’s still life in this little gem.


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